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January 2007

Own up. Are you one of those women who, on holiday, still stuffs their worn underwear into the side pocket of their suitcase, in the hope that it will go undetected by hotel staff, friend's housekeeper or husband? It's time for that very crumpled and faintly pungent era to come to a happy end.

Adorable underwear bags with pretty stitching are available from all sorts of different places. Why not have a look at this one from Anusha? Its fun underwear design means nobody will mistake it for a shoe bag and take an unwitting peak, hoping for a glimpse of your favourite Jimmy Choos, only to end up with an eye-full of dirty socks. It also means that, when your suitcase suffers random inspections at the airport under the vigilant eye of a burly security officer, you won't have to stand by while they dig through an embarrassing layer of undies. £21

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